-Love EVERY Body - 2do mes-

¡Buenas buenas! Es el 1er domingo del mes y la segunda asignación del workshop Love EVERY Body. Esta vez vamos a considerar todo del cuello hacia arriba: cabeza, pelo, sentidos, mente. De todo un poco, ¿no? ¡Ja!

Tengo que confesar que esperé hasta último momento para escribir este artículo porque no tenía idea por dónde empezar. Por suerte Leah (nuestra líder y organizadora de LEB) publicó su artículo ayer y me dio la respuesta: ¡¡listas!! La respuesta a todo en la vida son las listas. Amo las listas. Sí, las amo, y no siento vergüenza de admitirlo.

Así que he aquí, mis listas.


-Mi pelo. Es muy lacio, así que con un poco de cuidado para evitar el frizz puedo mantenerlo bajo control sin problema. Me encanta poder levantarme, pasarme un peine rápido y estar lista para salir. También me crece muy rápido, así que cualquier corte desastroso no tarda en crecer y normalizarse.
-Mis ojos. Aunque por mucho tiempo tuve miopía y astigmatismo que me dificultaron la vida, después de la cirugía laser funcionan perfectamente. También son muy expresivos, lo que me ahorra tener que dar contestaciones fuera de lugar. Una mirada y cualquiera sabe lo que estoy pensando, jeje. Pero sobre todo mis ojos me sirven para leer, que es una de las cosas que más amo en el mundo, y por eso solo los aprecio sobre todo.
-Mi sonrisa. Me encanta sonreír y reírme. La capacidad de encontrar el humor en las situaciones más difíciles me salvó muchas veces, y me dijeron en muchas ocasiones que mi risa es muy contagiosa y hace sonreír a quien la escuche. ¿Qué más se puede pedir?
-Mi mente. Aunque a veces se rebele y trate de hacerme creer cosas que no son verdad, me gusta mi personalidad y la forma en que mi mente funciona. Mi buena memoria es algo que heredé de mi abuela y siempre que la pongo en uso me recuerda a ella.


-Mi piel. Mi piel, mi piel y mi piel. Odio los granitos y las lastimaduras que se me forman, las cicatrices y las manchas en la piel después de que curaron. Trato de pensar que son parte de mí como el resto de mis características, pero todavía no logro aceptarlo.
-Mis cejas. No importa las veces que intento arreglarlas, no hay forma de que me queden bien. Una vez intenté emparejarlas y casi me quedé sin media ceja izquierda. No era una linda vista, créanme.
-Mi nariz. Mi mamá pasó toda mi niñez convenciéndome que tengo una nariz demasiado ancha, y aunque trato de verlo de otra forma, es un trabajo continuo.
-Mi doble papada. En general niego que esté ahí hasta que veo mi reflejo. Es lo mejor que puedo hacer al respecto.
-Mis dientes. La combinación de una mala genética y no mucho cuidado cuando era chica dieron como resultado una mala dentadura, pero bueno, tener una madre mecánica dental ayuda mucho.

Por suerte, creo que las cosas que me gustan de mí son más importantes que las que no me gustan, así que voy a declarar esto una victoria, jaja.

Cuéntenme, ¿qué cosas les gustan y no les gustan de ustedes?

Si tienen un ratito, dénse una vuelta por lo de Leah a ver los artículos de las otras increíbles bloggers que también están participando.

*Como la mayoría de las participantes de este workshop son de habla inglesa, voy a publicar los artículos de esta serie en los dos idiomas, para que no haya ninguna barrera de entendimiento.  

Hello hello! Today is January 1st and and we have the second assignment of Love EVERY Body Workshop. This time we´re gonna consider everything from the neck up: head, hair, senses, mind. Just a little bit of everything, right? Ha!

I gotta confess the I waited till last minute to write this post because I had no idea where to begin. Luckily Leah (our leader and LEB organizer) published her post yesterday and gave me the answer: lists!! The answer to everything in life is lists. I love lists. Yes, I love them, and I´m not ashamed to admit it.

So, I present to you: my lists.


-My hair. It´s very straight, so with a little bit of care to avoid frizz, I can keep it under control with no problem. I love that I can wake up, comb it and be ready to go out. It also grows really fast, so I can grow out of a horrible cut in no time.
-My eyes. Although for a long time I had short sight and astigmatism that made my life difficult, after having laser surgery they work perfectly. They´re also very expressive, which saves me from giving answers that could be out of place. Just one look and anybody knows what I´m thinking, haha. But above all I use my eyes to read, which is one of the things I love the most, and for that reason only I have them in great esteem.
-My smile. I love to smile and laugh. The capacity to find humor in the most difficult situations saved me a lot of times, and I´ve been told in various occasions that my laugh is very contagious and puts a smile on the face of anyone who hears it. What else can I ask?
-My mind. Although sometimes it goes against me and it tries to make me believe things that aren´t true, I like my personality and the way my mind works. My good memory is something I inherited from my grandma, and every time I put it to good use it reminds me of her.


-My skin. My skin, my skin and my skin. I hate the acne and the injuries, the scars and the dark spots they leave behind. I try to think they´re a aprt of me as any other of my features, but I haven´t been able to accept it yet.
-My eyebrows. It doesn’t matter how many times I try to trim them, there´s no way to get them right. Once I tried to get them to match and was almost left with only half of the left one. It wasn´t a pretty view, believe me.
-My nose. My mom spent all my childhood convincing me that my nose is too wide, and although I try to see it differently, it´s still a work in progress.
-My double chin. Generally, I just deny that it´s there until I see my reflection. It´s the best I can do about it.
-My teeth. The combination of bad genetics plus not a lot of care when I was young resulted on crocked teeth, but well, having a dental mechanic as a mother helps a lot.

Luckily, I think the things I like about me are more important that the ones I don’t, so I´m calling this a victory, haha.

Tell me, what are the features you like and don´t like about yourself?

If you have a few minutes, check out Leah´s blog to see the other amazing bloggers´ posts.



16 comentarios:

  1. I love this post! The photos are great - I love your sense of humour! :)

    I too am quite short sighted (particularly in one eye) and have bad astigmatism so contacts lenses are no good for me. I feel you on the eyebrows - I'm ALWAYS doing something to mine and it's a source of constant irritation that one is higher than the other. :D

    I haven't noticed your skin - all I notice is your expressive face and lovely eyes. They are like melted chocolate. Beautiful!

    Lists are always good. :)

  2. Thank you for all the sweet compliments Leah!

    I was feeling way too serious after writing this post, so I had to put a little bit of humor on it and starting taking pics, haha.

  3. Yay lists!!! I wouldn't be able to get through a day without one.

    I loved your post and can only echo what Leah says about your sense of fun and gorgeous eyes! You're so lucky with your hair growing so fast and being managable. I have a bit frizzy mess on my head and it grows soooooo slow I fear getting it cut!

    I have terrible sight. I am badly short sighted and have astigmatism in both eyes, but I can still wear lenses (thank gawd, cos glasses have always given me headaches when I wear them too long).

    Your photos are awesome. Love them! Looking forward to reading your next blogs.

    1. Thanks!!
      Good thing you can wear lenses, they´re also more comfortable than glasses and don´t break as easily, ha!

  4. Strike A Pose! Vogue. Madonna has nothing on you, she best hand the vogue crown to you.

    Firstly, Eyebrows - they're not twins, they're brother and sister, they don't have to match, just look similar. So don't worry yourself about them being even.

    Your skin is lovely, and so is your nose a lovely shape, and your eyes are such a deep lovely brown colour!

    I loved this post and the photos that went with it, thanks for bringing a giant smile to my day!

  5. Hahaha I was singing the whole time during the shoot!
    Thank you for your compliments, I´m glad I could bring a smile to your day! :D

  6. Me gusta!

    This is a great read, and it helped me practise my Spanish too, which was pretty cool ;-)

    I think that you have gorgeous big eyes and such an expressive face. Your photos made me laugh and I think that they are just wonderful, as are you! Thanks for sharing xx

  7. I love all those photos! Your personality definitely shines through. You have gorgeous eyes. And I didn't notice anything negative about your skin. Eres tan bella. :)

    1. Gracias!! I wanted to put my own twist to this assignment and there´s nothing I love most than making people smile

  8. Firstly loved the photos and secondly the Spanish reminded me of when I took Spanish as a GCSE! And I understood a few of the words too. I agree that my mind goes against things I do but, I try the hardest to turn it into a positive. Eyebrows are really hard to maintain but, don't forget they are siblings not twins(that how I see it ;]) xo Glad to see that your taking part!

    1. Thank you! I´ll try to remember that about eyebrows instead of looking at them with hatred in my eyes, hahaa.

  9. I have had so many issues with my eyebrows but I so agree with the above. Eyebrows are siblings and not twins. Your lucky to have such lovely straight hair. Some people take hours to get hair like that!

    Your pictures are amazing and I don't see anything wrong with your skin. infact it looks pretty gorgeous to me!

    1. Thank you so much! I´m really lucky with my hair, although I only learned to love it in the last couple of years. Even when it´s raining and everybody is complaining about their lion´s mane, my hair stays straight as any other day!

  10. First of all, all I could see in the photos is this lovely woman who makes me smile with her expressive face. This is a talent you should take good care of and maybe use in acting or modelling if you don't do any of that already! :) It's so funny that you have made a photo montage to go with your story.:) Secondly, I love your big brown eyes. :) xx

    1. Thank you Mookie!! I assure you there´s no way I could be an actress or model -I have zero control of my facial expressions! Once in a photoshoot the photographer asked me to look "seductive" and I ended up looking like a serial killer eying my next victim! Hahahaha.


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